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Absolutely awesome

I'm currently testing multple sensors for presense detection in a small room (3x2 meters) and it beats everything i've tested it against. The temperature reading is reading 12C too high but that's fixable in the config. Testing some of the other features and will probably order some more once i find a way to mount these recessed in the ceiling. Great price as well!

Great sensor

Very compact and well design sensor. Great customer support also!

Best value human wave sensor

Finally I have found the perfect human wave presence sensor board for my Home Assistant setup as the Unity Sensor offers an all-in-one ESP32 board that supports ESPHome with minimal fuss for an affordable price!

Best sensor I’ve ever used

Finally an all in one sensor that works and doesn’t cost the earth. If you are on the fence order one!! Finally I can sell my massive collection of sensors in all my rooms that I have to do all my automations and replace them with these!! It has all the features
you need and the possibilities for anything more.
Cant wait to buy more and finally declutter the corners of my rooms.

Awesome presence sensor

Have been playing around with this sensor for a while and can recommend it highly. Extremely sensitive to motion, and can detect even the slightest movements. Also very fast in clearing motion when you walk out of the room. When I faced an issue with the sensor randomly detecting motion (even when the room was unoccupied), the developer was super responsive and fixed the problem within a matter of hours!!!

Integration with Home Assistant was a breeze allowing all kinds of automations. I use it to keep the lights on in a room when occupied and as a sensor for a Home Assistant based alarm system while away.

There is a ton of potential, please keep up the great work and launch new products. A few random ideas:
- Integration with a PIR sensor for even faster initial motion detection.
- A plastic case for the sensor.
- Zigbee/Z-wave variants.
- Bluetooth tracking for device presence (so that we could identify who is in the room).

Unity Sensor
Alex Hettrich
Unity Sensor

After having recently got into microcontrollers and having played around with a Raspbery pico. I stumbled across the Unity Board. Reading through the specs and sensors was enough to make me buy this. I messaged the owner through the website chat feature and he guided me through the capabilities of this device especially within home automation. The transaction was smooth and the board was delivered promptly. To see the boards initial capabilities, I cloned the repos given by the company which had a project loaded for every sensor. The projects were easy enough to quickly get started and modifying the code to get an understanding of the libraries available. I would definitely recommend this board to anyone getting started in electronics or more advanced users looking to build on their home automation products.